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Consultation on Natural resources indicators

Towards a Route Map for Herefordshire Consultation (if you want to go straight to the consultation follow this link) How can we be sure that Herefordshire develops in a way that meets the needs of this generation while making sure

What is the Herefordshire datastore and why should you care?

What is the Herefordshire datastore? A datastore is a place to store and find data. In the course of talking to people about the Sustainable Route Map project this was one of the things that many people suggested would be

DataCraft returns

Do you work with data in or around Herefordshire? Do you wish you knew more people who also work with data? Great. We do too. Come along to DataCraft. It’s fun, laid back and… we like to talk about data

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Book now for the first ever DataCraft meeting

There’s more information over on our EventBrite page. But if you already know all about it. Why wait. Book now. Powered by Eventbrite

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‘Data Craft’ Monthly Forums

We  think there are quite a few people in Herefordshire who might want to link up with others about data.  This forum is for those people interested in data: how to get it, what to do with it and sharing

Sir Nigel Shadbolt’s presentation

Building a Sustainable Route Map  20th October, 2015 Copy of a presentation given by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt from Ben Proctor

Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt gave a talk on open data at our Sustainable Route Map event earlier this week. We took the opportunity to ask him to reflect on the opportunities for the county. (Source:

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The flipcharts from the hackday can now be viewed online

The sustainable route map indicator summary

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Notes from The Herefordshire We Made meeting 

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