Road testing the Herefordshire indicator explorer

We’ve been a bit quiet lately but we haven’t been idle. We’ve been working on the sustainability indicators for Herefordshire. We had already found out from the community what things Herefordshire people wanted to see improving if Herefordshire is to develop sustainably.

We have identified a range of datasets that can be used to measure progress in many (but not all) of these areas. We’ve added all of these datasets to the Herefordshire Data Hub.

Screenshot from an iphone  shows 5 red, amber and green indicator summaryThe Data Hub is a useful place to store data about the county but it’s not much use in terms of exploring the data we’ve used for the indicators. So we’ve developed a tool to help with that. This tool pulls the data out of the datahub whenever it loads, this means it can be a bit slow in loading but it also means it will always be up to date.

We’d really like some feedback on this tool. Try it now and leave your comments below (comments will be public) or email We’ll collate all the feedback we get and use it to improve the tool in the new year.

We hope to make the code used for this tool available online so that others can develop their own dashboards based on the Herefordshire Data Hub (or a different hub).



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