Consultation on Natural resources indicators

Towards a Route Map for Herefordshire Consultation

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How can we be sure that Herefordshire develops in a way that meets the needs of this generation while making sure that future generations will be able to meet their needs?


One way is to monitor how the county is doing in terms of the environment, society and the economy all together.


If progress starts to slip behind in one area, we as a county, can work together to bring development back on track.


To do that we need something to guide us, to point us in the right direction: a route map.




In order to decide which areas we should monitor we undertook a long period of consultation across the county with community groups, businesses and individuals.


As a result of this consultation we can say, with confidence, what areas the county wants to see progress on.


We call each of these areas an indicator.




For each indicator we need some evidence of whether things are improving, staying the same or worsening: some data.


Ideally the data that we used to monitor a measure should be open data.


(Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share. There is more on this on the ODI website


If we can’t identify open data that we can use then we have tried to identify restricted data, in the hope that we will be able to persuade the owner of the data to allow it to be used for the route map.


For each indicator, we look at the data and decide whether the data suggests that things are getting worse, staying the same or getting better. That gives us a summary: an measure of progress.


We propose, where possible, to look at the short and long term trends in each indicator to decide whether things are improving or getting worse. In some cases this may to be suitable given the way the data are collected. In those cases we will consider alternatives (like comparing to a fixed target).


If we can’t identify a suitable dataset for a particular indicator we will look to develop projects that collect data in those areas.




We have bundled the measures and indicators into groups which we call priorities.


At this stage we need to present our progress to the people of the county and ask for their help.


In particular we would really like to hear your answers to these questions.




For each indicator where you have expertise or knowledge:

  • have we picked the right dataset?
  • what alternative dataset would you recommend we chose instead (or as well)?
  • do you (or does your organisation) hold a more suitable dataset and can we use it?


Is it sensible to use short and long term trend to measure progress or should we measure this using an alternative approach.




We are asking for feedback on the Natural Resources indicators.


To what extent do you agree with our approach in regards to:

  • using open data
  • the method we plan to use to generate the indicators


And we’d like to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions on the project in general. Or if you’d like to work with us in the future.


You can view the consultation document with the list of indicators or you can view the list of indicators online and give us your feedback there.


There are two ways to respond to this consultation. You can email your thoughts to or you can respond using this form online.


Other indicators


In the coming weeks we will be asking for your comments on the Safe and Strong Communities indicators and the Resilient and Fair Economy indicators.


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